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Friday, May 27, 2011

City of Joy.......Explorer Indu with Tourists from across the World.

 In the 18th century Tank Square was, in the heart of the city,It was the favourite Great Tank or Lal Dighi of the English. It is mentioned in one of the Bengali novel that the British did not drink water from that tank but they sometimes dropped the fishing lines in the afternoons or embarked upon swimming competitions. The water in the tank was protected for possible use in case of a sudden fire somewhere. Natives were prohibited from going there.
Indu at Lal Dighi with Ms. Constance from Germany(Nov 2011)

At the Flower market, can you see the Howrah Bridge Behind us...

A tour with Mr and Mrs Kirkbride from U.K at Kolkata.
As it was the day of the festival of goddess Laxmi(goddess of wealth), 
the market was crowded with beautiful flowers. Mr & Mrs. Kirkbride enjoyed being present at this market.

Flowers for decoration

These are the wreaths for the goddess Laxmi

A sip of coconut water in the morning cools the stomach according to some locals.

Christine(from Germany) and Explorer Indu at St.John's Church,Kolkata(Nov 2011)

Christine and Constance

The largest Organ(musical instrument) in India at the St.John's church.

With Valentina (U.K) at the Chinese temple.

At Kumar tulli

Walking is the best way to explore this City.

Kolkata Fish market.

At the Chinese temple, we were luck to visit this temple on its 100th birthday.

Outside the temple there is market by the street, here we spotted out some lovely prawns.

Now we are at Kumartulli, here idols of the god and goddess are made..very artistic!!

In the evening I took my guests to the fair at Park Circus.

If you are thinking of tasting the best Biryani in Kolkata then its non other than Arsalan at Park Circus,the kebabs and the egg roll is also quite famous....and don't forget to taste the Fhirni(rice pudding)

The marigold flowers

Beetle leaves are used as offerings in the puja of the Goddess Laxmi.

The Tulsi or holy basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition and is worshipped in the morning and evening by Hindus at large. The holy basil is also a herbal remedy for a lot of common ailments

To taste the best authentic Bengali food step into Bojohari Manna at Hati bagan, the food is quite reasonable and tasty, one of the Guests had the above meal which consisted of Rice, Bhatki fish curry(less spicy), Rohu fish curry, Aaloo Posto(potatoes with poppy seed paste), lentils and Rice followed by sweet yogurt, this is a typical Bengali meal consumed almost everyday by the Locals.
The oldest Gun Shop in Kolkata/Calcutta.

At B.B.D Bag

Its 7:30a.m, the market is quite crowded.

At Dalhousie

At new market

Here we are having the famous samosas of Kolkata with sweetened tea.

This is the vegetable market at the New market. the guests enjoyed the walk through this market. 
Mrs Kirkbride bought Cinnamon( 1 kg for Rs 185) from this market.

Explorer Indu with Jenny from U.k at St.John's church Kolkata India

Jenny enjoying the man powered rickshaw ride at Park street

Jenny at Dalhousie

The 125 years old flower market near the Howrah Bridge

"Anywhere is walking distance if you got the Time" 


Indu with Louise at the Botanical Garden.

Have you ever seen this Big single Tree? Yes, this is the Great Banyan Tree(250 years) Of Kolkata. Planted by the British. This tree's name is registered in the Genesis Book of  world records as the largest tree in the world.

At St. John's Church

Louise from Australia at Kalighat( Kolkata, India)

The dropping down roots of the Great Banyan Tree at Botanical Garden

Maa manasa(One of the Indian snake Goddess) worshiped in West Bengal

A small Pujor ghar (worship place ) of a Bengali family

God & Goddess Radha Krishna

The Shiva Ling(union of the male and the female part :It is the symbol of "the origin of life')

Explorer Indu with guests from Dubai(Having sweetened Yogurt at Ganguram) Kolkata is famous for sweets and Misti doi(sweetened yougurt)

At Dalhousie

At St.Jhon's Church (During the British rule in India this was the office of Warren Hastings)

Tomb of the Black Hole Tragedy

This is the same place where a bomb was dropped during the world war II, fortunately the bomb did not explode.

Tomb of Lady Canning: According to the locals many have seen the spirit of Lady Canning at Night.

City tour .....

Tourists from Thailand at Kolkata
Explorer Indu explaining about the tour to the tour leader from Thailand

In the Bus

Tour Guide talking about the City and its History

Inside St.John's Church

At Job Charnok's Mausoleum, the founder of Kolkata(Calcutta) 

At Victoria Memorial, This grand monument was built in the memory of her Highness Queen Victoria of England

We arranged Dinner for our Guests at an Indian Restaurant

Explorer Indu giving gifts to one of the tourists

At the Maidan

See Off at the airport