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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Tour with the fourth great grand son of lieutenant Governor of Bengal ...

STEPHEN BOSANQUET IS BACK TO SEE HOW HIS FOREFATHER, THE CHOTO LAAT OF BENGAL, RULED THE COUNTRY.....We are honoured to organize his (great great grandson of lieutenant general of Bengal Augustus Rivers Thompson) tour in Kolkata and help him explore his roots.
Our Cemetery Tour Rocks !!
We helped him to find the graves of his ancestors at Park street Cemetery and we found all of them. We arranged for a permission: to take a picture at the National Library as he wished for one, we are well known for our unique tours in Kolkata(Calcutta) India. we are specialist in all guided tours in Kolkata: Walking tours, City tours, ghat tours, cemetery tours,Haunted House Tours, Music tours, Gastronomic tours, Photo Tours, orientation tours, study tours, shopping tours, Kolkata Night Photo Tours, slum tours, Yoga Tours, old City Tours, Temple Tours & River Tours.

Tour Expert Indu with Mr. STEPHEN BOSANQUET at the Former House of Warren Hastings on 28th June 2013