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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kolkata: The City that still holds onto its History.

Bangal (undivided Bengal included Bangladesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Tripura and Orissa) Bengal was sporadically a part of the Delhi Sultanate till 1580, Man Singh a trusted general of Akbar (Mughal Emperor of India ) and he was the first Moghul Viceroy for sometime the subahdar of Bengal. He was assigned with the collection of rent in lower Bengal to the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family,they were the Zamindar (superior landlords) of the Kolkata.

Among the three villages Sutanati, Gobinda pur and Kalikata ,Sutanati was probably the more ancient of these three habitations. The Portugese ships anchored at Betor on the opposite bank and bought goods from this Village till 1632 .It was definitely the most populous and prosperous, engaged in the production and export of cotton textiles. The expulsion of the Portuguese from the Hugli and all Moghul territories created an opportunity for the English to move in. An English factory was established at Golghat in Hugli town in 1650, with subordinate establishments at Cossimbazar for silk and indigo, at Patna for indigo and at Hajipur for saltpetre.

The Portuguese Church at Kolkata.
                                        The Portugese used to send river boats to bring 
                                       down the goods from Satgaon. About 1575, however, 
                                       the Portugese received permission from the Emperor Akbar to found a settlement   at the town of Hooghly, and they prepared to bring their ships further up while enjoying the Emperor's goodwill.

Guests from Hong Kong. 

This is again a British Church in Kolkata. During the world war II the soldiers of the American army often came here to Pray.

                                               The Park street Cemetery st Kolkata.

Our Guest from U.K with Tour expert Indu at the Park street Cemetery.

Chinese Temple at old China Town Kolkata.
                                           Chinese school

                                     St.John's church

                                                              Our guest from U.S.A

                                                         Group form U.S.A

                                                               Our Group tours-guests from USA.

Durga Puja Tours

                                                    Tour expert  Indu and Jessica (from Australia).