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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Lill Angel

Woof ! Woof ! Woof !..... Ha! there is some one at the door, Sweety is the first one to run for the main door, her first visitor of the day is the milk man, on seeing him her tail goes tossing up and down, a sign of great affection.
she talks with her royal gestures no less than a queen, her tail and her jumping down ears is her territory of honour, non can dare to touch other than my Husband and me.I love three things in life : my City, my hubby and my Sweety ( my doggy). As I am not keeping well for the past few days, my doc warned me for a complete bedrest, here I lay in my bed and I start writing this poem for my sweet lill' angel.

                                                         My queen....

The legend of my living toy : Sweety

                                                Her sparkling eyes, her spongy paws
Her pinkish mouth, a fairy tail.
An angel of love and innocence above.
A parcel from heaven with faith and love.
A darling, a mermaid, a beauty…
A thousand names would fall short for her.
Her royal walk, full of play , a naughty woof & a silky fur.
Bless her my lord, for her job of master hood.
Her sparkling innocence to all she spreads,
 my treasure, my pound, my dollar
all my love I pour on your creamy collar.
When thunder gurgles, into my arms I find her walk.
The proof of my love, like a wrenched ship in a silent doc
She is the symbol of presence of divinity, of trueness, of love
Like the moon she guides the tides of my heart,
I rise, I fall..
I wish to die at your feet my living Doll.

                                                       she loves to dress up...

Friends  please bless my angel, to be the best mother to her pups, yes! my lill darling is pregnant. I am excited to see her pups. I promise to upload their picx once they come into this world, all those who have a pet at home, I need not tell you, how it feels to have a pet. I like to send god a thank you sms for sending this angel into our life. We love you baby.

Date: 20th dec 2010
my lill angel sweet gave birth to 3 beautiful pups:

                                                                 Sugar, Tiny and Toy

                                                          Sweety playing wid her pups..
I Bet you will love watching this video........

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