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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kolkata Slum Tours

Kolkata Slum walking Tours
by Lets Met Up Tours

Our mission is twofold; to help slum dwellers eradicate poverty by empowering them to become independent and help improve life for their families. Secondly we aim to help educate and inform a wider community about the challenges of informal settlements, and one of the ways we are achieving that is by arranging walking tours of Kolkata slums, whereby we encourage positive impact on the slum dwellers lives, on the basis if people aren't aware of the issues, they can't help.

We aim to engage in local projects, initially supporting educational development by providing essential lighted space where children can go and study; cook stoves for individual dwellings and communal kitchens; and better access to clean water.

We feel that this is our collective social responsibility and want to inspire people globally to provide aid and help alleviate the appalling conditions in Indian slums, either by encouraging them to become involved and share knowledge or provide support. Knowledge is sometimes more valuable than financial support, as knowledge of the privileged educated class can often help informal communities have access to better living conditions.

In order our tours are sustainable and provide a positive impact on the community, a proportion of our revenues are distributed to communities, directly supporting education, health and well being for the underprivileged children.

                                          Our Guest from New Zealand on a Kolkata Slum Tour

                                     We distributed rice,fruits and soap to the slum children


                                               Tour Expert Indu with Guest and a slum dweller

                                                   Abid the Rikshaw puller poses for a pic.

We encourage our guests to donate fruits to these children as most of them are malnourished.

This is a small classroom where we teach English language to the children.

 Distributing rice...

Kerosene stoves and charcoal ovens are used for cooking which emits carbon  therefore we educate them about the ill effects & health hazards. we will soon be donating solar oven to these slum dwellers with the support of our guests/customers.

This is a hand pump, the slum dwellers use this water for drinking,bathing,washing clothes and cooking.

       Water supply by the is supplied thrice daily.

                               Our guests from U.K.. discussing about how we can introduce
                                 eco friendly water filters to the slum dwellers.

                                                 A shanty house.

                                              storage of drinking water.

                                                            slum dwellings

                                     5 family members share this same is done in this room as well.

Qualification to be a volunteer " Love and a desire to help the less fortunate"
Come join us all you need to do is spare 3 hours of your time to teach English language to the children and on weekends you may participate in cooking for these children, if you are a tourist and do not have enough time..... you may also donate vegetables,rice,fruits,oil,spices...etc
Please drop in a mail to us at or call at +91 9051201818/1717


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