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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mukhe Bhaat

The word “Mukhe” means mouth and “Bhaat” means rice it literally mean the feeding of first grain to the baby. This ceremony is very important and it followed in the north and also in other parts but with different name.

This ceremony is done on the 6th or 8th month for a boy child and on 5th, 7th or 9th month for a girl child. Some does this ceremony at temple and some at home. Friends and relatives are invited. The priest does the homa or a holy fire and chant mantras for the prosperity, happiness and good health for the child and to kill evils around him and then on the same day the name is given to the child which is known as Namkaran.

After the ceremony is over rice pudding which is made up of rice and milk is fed by the mother’s brother to the child.
Rice pudding fed by mother's brother

And many interesting and fun rituals are done. In one ritual 5 things are kept in front of the child which symbolises different aspiration. Gold- wealth, Pen- Wisdom, Books- Knowledge, Soil- Property, Food- love for food and then child is encouraged to go for those things. Whichever item baby picks up first it is said to be in future with him.

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