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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bestow a holiday....

As a child I always had a lot of question on my mind, Why the grass is green? why not blue? why the water is wet why not dry? I had a million question to ask god I wished to turn the earth into a sheet of paper & all the oceans into ink and write a letter to god, now I laugh at this very thought of mine. As I grew up, the mysteries of nature have been unfolded partly. I always craved to be close to nature because we lived in the city. My Father was keen on taking us for a holiday every year during our summer vacation. We usually visited the country side, it was rich with greenery, fresh air, cuckoos, hills, the river and the paddy fields, it still lingers in my mind. My father always said Vacations force us to exercise because we walk greater distances, swim, chase the kids around and play sports. Regular movement during the day also boosts our circulation and gets our blood pumping which ups our heart rate and immune system. 

. You can go off the path, and make mistakes; but you'll pay o Have you ever slept on the green grass and watched the sky for hours? have you ever walked by the sea on a moonlight night? Have you ever rolled yourself on the sand by the sea? If you have done all this then I don’t have to tell you how it feels. I would say we all have the right to bestow a vacation to ourselves. You need to wipe out some space from your busy, stressful life, a holiday is not a luxury it is a vital necessity for a healthy body and peaceful mind, paying the hotel bills is much better than paying the hospital bills. We all need a break from the stress of work we are glued to. According to me every country should give maximum mandatory holidays for its citizens for a healthy nation. The government spends huge amounts of money on the health organizations unnecessarily. Its time for you to dig out and dust your old suitcase. Forget everything behind and zoom for a trek or camping in the forest.

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