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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The more I explore Calcutta the deeper it dwells in my heart.

I hail hail from the Southern part of India however i spent most of my life in West Bengal, for the past ten years I am staying in the City of Joy: Calcutta which is renamed as Kolkata. I prefer to call it Calcutta like most of my friends do. After going through the history of this City, my love for this city grows deeper and deeper. This City is crowded, loud and
Kolkata is a place which can be best understood by walking and exploring each one of its corners, a place whose joys and agonies cannot be fathomed by a phony visit. It is the only metropolitan today with trams and man- powered rickshaws still running on its roads. Kolkata has so many hidden 'gems' of architecural and historic value. One has to look beyond the grimy shop fronts in the crowded narrow lanes in order to suddenly spot a beautiful archway, or graceful latticed marble balcony. The city was known as 'The City of Palaces' because of its palatial homes.

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